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PSI Semicon Services Engineering Services Team Gives You the Insight to Make Better Business Decisions and Extend the Life of Your Critical Equipment


PSI Semicon Services protects your business from declining OEM product support and expensive upgrades

PSI Semicon Services helps you get to the source of your electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical obsolete component and performance issues. Our expert team of engineers can extend the life and value of your legacy systems by developing new product enhancements, or adding features and capabilities to match your semiconductor needs. Through our innovative engineering team, your business will stay ahead by cutting time and costs, impacting your bottom line.

Our comprehensive services include:

Legacy Product Manufacturing Services

It is only a matter of time before the most durable and reliable systems begin to show wear. When OEMs suspend production and support for your semiconductor equipment, our engineer-force will design, redesign or customize legacy systems, parts and components, to keep you up and running. By redesigning or customizing solutions for your legacy equipment, we make sure your productivity stays high on your existing equipment. No need for new systems or expensive OEM upgrades.

Component Upgrade Services

Many parts, including semi components on PCB’s, were designed and manufactured well over a decade ago. Today, these components have become obsolete and are still running, based on old technologies. This causes inefficiencies that can impact your bottom-line. PSI Semicon Services helps customers with solutions that overcome or help defer obsolescence by upgrading components with up-to-date technologies that improve the performance of your system and MTBF.

Remanufacturing Services [for Unsalvageable or Obsolete Components]

Is your circuit board, controller or power supply unsalvageable or obsolete? Our hardware and software engineering solutions extend the capabilities for your equipment, while also adding value.

On approximately 1/3 of our incoming units, PSI Semicon Services engineers develop remanufacturing and test solutions on components that haven’t yet been seen before. We also meet functional requirements with “plug & play” replacements of unsalvageable parts, and extend the life and performance of obsolete parts. In addition, we develop new diagnostic codes and programs, to detect hard part failures, exercise 100% of the part’s memory and test OEM’s programs.

First Article/Prototype Design Services

We are an industry of engineers. Many equipment and process engineers working in semi manufacturing facilities world-wide know the equipment better than the OEM’s. This knowledge and experience breeds engineering ideas of how to ENHANCE the equipment performance and or extend the life of the equipment. However, you may lack the resources to complete a design and build a first article prototype. PSI Semicon Services can be your partner working with you on the design, prototyping and testing.

• Priority Service Available
• Fast Turnaround Time
• Legacy Tools Support
• One Year from Date-of-Shipment-Warranty
• Registered ISO 9001:2000

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