Logistics Solutions


Logistics Management Solutions

PSI Semicon Services makes sure your business continues uninterrupted with 360-degree logistics management. From cleanroom logistics to spare parts management, to customized logistics solutions, we make sure sensitive components are moved quickly and reliably. Our logistics team specializes in tracking and facilitating logistics to save valuable product-cycle times and reduce overall costs.


On-site Coordinator
Alongside your project owners, the PSI Semicon Services onsite coordinator will provide expert advice and management for your semiconductor component rework, from start to finish. We plan and coordinate the entire process and every stage of our solutions to meet quality, budget and time requirements, so you can focus on your core business.

Spare Parts/Inventory Management
Our Integrated Logistic Supply [ILS] program is an organizational support structure designed to track and manage your in-house repairable inventory assets. This system utilizes an onsite ILS coordinator who is responsible for the set-up, function and daily control of the service, making sure there are no gaps or holes in the spare parts database.

Control Tower Monitoring
We provide you tracking controls that allow you to remotely monitor the entire process, from end to end. From procurement, quoting and rework, to its final outbound destination, you can track any part to see its status and where it is in the chain. Our control tower tracking system leverages custom software that offers relevant snapshots, tracking and analytics for critical data.

Parts History
Our ILS systems tracks each part individually throughout the life of the part. Imagine having history of each time a part was repaired, inventoried, installed, MTBF, who repaired the part, etc. We can generate reports in a format of your choice.

Project Management
Data is King and our system tracks and stores this valuable data to be used to analyze parts usage to identify areas of improvement. This includes engineering projects to extend the life of parts, identify root failures, enhance the performance of parts and reduce cost. Our team of engineers will work as your partner to develop solutions identified by the database.

Cost Savings
From warranty tracking to repairing parts the OEM says can’t be repaired, PSI Semicon Services will work with you to lower the cost of your assets, negotiate better pricing and terms, identify alternate repair partners, develop solutions enhancing your parts performance, and increase MTBF.

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