Repair Services


PSI Semicon Services extends the life and value of obsolete and legacy semiconductor technologies. Our innovative repair process brings your broken parts to better-than-new condition.

Robotics & Motion Control

Robotics & Motion Control Repair for Semiconductor Production Equipment

Printed Circuit Boards

PCB Testing & Electronic Repair Shop for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Motor Repair & Rebuilds for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Controller Repair & Refurbishment for Semiconductor Production Equipment

Power Supplies

High-Voltage Power Supplies Repair & Design Capabilities

RF Equipment

RF Equipment Repair & Remanufacturing for Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications

Vacuum Components

Vacuum Component Repair & Remanufacturing for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

• Priority Service Available
• Fast Turnaround Time
• Legacy Tools Support
• One Year from Date-of-Shipment-Warranty
• Registered ISO 9001:2000

Call us direct at 800-325-4774 or fill out the form here and our Customer Service team will contact you immediately!

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