Power Supplies


High-Voltage Power Supplies Repair & Design Capabilities


No matter how complex your high-voltage power supply is, PSI Semicon Services can find a solution to help you reduce repair costs, and increase the life expectancy of the original power supply.

PSI Semicon Services has a particular capability in high-voltage power supply repair. We have set up an area in our facility strictly for high-voltage power supply testing. We possess design and repair capabilities for high-power electronics that routinely cover 1600 volts and 1000 amps.

This capability has been particularly useful in the Photolithography, Metrology and Etch process areas.

We also repair the most modern power supplies like switching supplies and many other types across all manufacturers.

We have experience in diagnosing and resolving all types of failures, from fuses, resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes and other parts. We replace defective components and test to OEM specifications. So if you have Applied Materials, Lam Research, TEL, Varian or other OEM’s power supplies that require care, do not throw them out and buy new.

Call PSI Semicon Services and we will supply Form, Fit, Function replacements that offer greater reliability and efficiency, as well as part design upgrade services that will improve system performance and sophistication, add new features and capabilities, and prevent unplanned failures.

• Priority Service Available
• Fast Turnaround Time
• Legacy Tools Support
• One Year from Date-of-Shipment-Warranty
• Registered ISO 9001:2000

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