RF Equipment


RF Equipment Repair & Remanufacturing for Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications


Are you tired of high RF equipment prices, long lead times for repairs, or having to purchase brand new RF parts? PSI Semicon Services has been repairing RF Units, RF Generators, and RF Matches for as long as we have been in the semiconductor industry.

This is a very competitive and highly specialized space, so to offer the best possible solutions for our customers, we’ve built up state-of-the-art internal repair capabilities and we also leverage an extensive network of RF specialists around the world.

We have the in-house capability of evaluating, troubleshooting, repairing and testing your RF generators. PSI will repair or completely refurbish your generator, conduct a full functional test of your equipment in our clean, environmentally-controlled facilities, then ship it back to you faster than any other firm in the world. We provide service you can rely on, time after time.

Our experts can repair different RF types from old to new, and we can repair automatch networks, power supplies and microwave generators as well.

RF Equipment Repairs include:

  • Advanced Energy
  • ENI
  • AMAT
  • LAM
  • RFPP
  • TEL

If you are tired of being put on the back burner, or having long repair times, give PSI Semicon Services a try. You’ll get the absolute best service by the world’s number one repair and refurbishment firm for semicon manufacturing equipment.

• Priority Service Available
• Fast Turnaround Time
• Legacy Tools Support
• One Year from Date-of-Shipment-Warranty
• Registered ISO 9001:2000

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