PSI Semicon Services reduces lead times for indexer repairs

Case Study:

PSI Semicon Services reduces lead times for indexer repairs



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The customer was facing high costs and long lead times with indexer repairs. Obtaining replacement parts from the original parts manufacturer was difficult as supplies were minimal and delivery times were excessively long.


PSI was able to re-engineer the components used in the indexers, manufacture the needed replacement parts, repair PCBs and other electrical components, and/or locate second source vendors to supply the needed replacement parts. PSI also designed a test stand and jig to aid in the assembly and QC testing of the rebuilt indexer.


PSI was able to deliver repaired or rebuilt indexers within a 4-week time frame, instead of the 6 to 8 week lead time experienced with the original parts manufacturer. PSI was also able to reduce the average rebuild price by 12%, with a total savings of over $100K to date.

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